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Every day we give an overview of the 24 best daily deals. Our simplicity, quality and clarity makes us a refreshing and groundbreaking concept.

In 2004 Matt Rutledge launched the website Woot.com. Woot is the pioneer of the ‘one deal a day’ business model. The website offers just a few products a day in limited quantities with a new product appearing daily at a given time against a very attractive price.  By focusing on one product, Woot.com can realize enormous discounts.


Over the past few years a lot of these ‘one deal a day’ sites have popped up on the web. Some very good ones, and some, well, not so good ones. When one is bombarded with a tsunami of daydeals such as gadgets, bargains, useful products, vouchers and whatnots at once, your head spins.  Only a few of these deals are worth grabbing and who has time to sift through hundreds of sites a day?  Most people sure don’t!


The new start-up, 24daydeals.com, is the solution to this problem! Our service searches sites and then presents the user the best 24 deals on the net every 24 hours.  From now on, you only have to watch one site to view them all!


How does it work?


Various sites offer a deal of the day that lasts up to 24 hours. 

24Daydeals collects 24 of the best daydeals everyday and presents them to you.

Now you have the best daydeals daily without wasting your precious time searching the web for the best bargains.  We promise you will never miss a deal again!


24daydeals.com offers an overview of the 24 best daydeals on the web serving a variety of categories that include Electronics, Wireless, Watch, Family, Jewelry, and more.

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